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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ConnectWise Partner Summit

I’m on my way to an annual conference that is sponsored by ConnectWise. ConnectWise PSA is the software that we use to run our business. It is the help desk software that creates service tickets, assigns those tickets to a person to work on, captures the time we spend doing so, rolls up the time into an invoice and sends that invoice via email to my happy clients.

This is my second time attending the event, and something that I will never miss. Last year, I left the event a bit overwhelmed. It was the first time I had measured up our company with my peers. I realized that we do some things very well, but there are many ways for us to improve.

This year I’m excited for several reasons. I know what to expect and plan to use this opportunity to really push our company forward; both from a technology standpoint, and as a good partner to our clients.

Brian O’Shaughnessy
ITConnexx, Inc.
Green Bay, WI

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