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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Post Summit Thoughts

Wow! I can’t believe everything that is going through my head. As my faithful readers already know, ConnectWise PSA is the software we use to run our business. ConnectWise sponsored a partner summit where I spent three days with 900 IT solution providers.

It is amazing to see the same faces from last year, and in several cases I actually have a few good friends. This year I met a man named Bruce Hardin. Bruce is an employee of ConnectWise, and is new to the company (about 4 months). He happened to sit next to me during one of the break out sessions, and we had an instant connection. I could tell in 5 minutes, Bruce will be a friend for life. I’d love to get him to Green Bay for a Packer game.

As I write from 35,000 feet over Tennessee, I’m overwhelmed; and I remember going through this last year. Of course, it is good to get out of the office, but there was no “recharging of the battery”. This summit was a mental grind for 3 days. There are literally 200 items that I bring back that will improve me personally and our company. Some of these 200 things are easy while some will be very difficult and time consuming for us to implement.

Although we have a challenge, we also have passion. It was obvious that the best IT providers in the country have a high level of passion. Our company has to improve in many ways, but passion isn't one of them. Our improvement will happen because our leadership has the same passion. I’m excited because I know it will help our clients.

Check back often, I have more thoughts from the conference.

As a foot note, I claimed that I have “faithful readers.” To prevent a debate, I am safe making this claim because I force my three sons to read this.

Brian O'Shaughnessy
ITConnexx, Inc.
Green Bay, WI

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